About Little Steppe

Little Steppe is a Dutch label for babies and kids based in the Hague, Netherlands. We make our products with beautiful cashmere, camel, sheep and yak wool from Mongolia, where I am originally from. 

I first started Van De Steppe for adults in 2018, and Little Steppe is an extension to the brand offering the same high quality knitwear for babies and kids. 

As a mother of two, I choose the best materials and design to make beautiful yet practical items that both parents and kids can appreciate throughout the year. 

All our products are made in Mongolia with natural materials at our partner factories that follow international standards for responsible production and labour. We are also happy to work with family run small workshops and women who hand-knit our baby booties. 

I hope you enjoy our products! 

-Zolboo Nemekhbayar